What brides should consider to WOW in a back-less gown

by: Sanyukta Shrestha

A backless or low-back wedding dress can make a stylish statement by a bride who wants to show off her figure in the classiest way possible. From sexy, to playful and from romantic to demure there’s always something amazingly beautiful about back details with a wow factor for both traditional and daring brides. 

Today, we speak to designer Sanyukta Shrestha as her designs have always been about ensuring that the bride feels and looks stunning on her big day whilst encompassing all aspects of the bride’s individual personality into eco-friendly, uniquely hand-made luxurious gown with amazing backs. From delicate cowl low sheer backs and dramatic keyhole to deep V-backs to criss-cross details, there’s just something about her backless dresses that speaks volumes. It speaks of a woman who is fierce, powerful, playful, independent and above all confident whilst maintaining the greatest expression of femininity. 

However, some brides are not sure if they can pull off a low-back dress. Bridal designer Sanyukta Shrestha says that it is all about finding the perfect balance between personal style, what suits the body-type and choosing the right elements.

Here are some top tips from Sanyukta, what brides should consider when walking down the aisle in a low-back or backless wedding gown.

• The right undergarment is the key to feeling sexy, confident and above all comfortable on your big day. You should wear your seamless underwear below the waistline if the gown has a very low back.
• Choosing the right bra is incredibly important and could be tricky. Brides with a smaller bust can wear a stick-on-bra or sewn-in cups.  A good alternative to sewn-in cups is to tape your bust à la Hollywood. However, for brides with a fuller bust, low-back gowns which allow to wear a low cut supportive bra with crossover straps to support the bust work best.
• You should avoid wearing a (tight) bra at least one or two days before you walk down the aisle as bra-lines might be visible.
• You should not clutter your bridal look. Keep in mind that you should not hide your back detail by wearing a multi layered veil or lots of accessories. A relatively simple sheer one layer veil is the best way to showcase your back. Or alternatively, a French birdcage style or statement Millinery will finish off your glamorous look.
• Wear your hair up to fully show off your back or go for a side bun which enhances the allure of a backless dress.
• You should also be aware of the fact that your back will be a focus point throughout the day, so do not forget to moisturise and definitely avoid tan-lines.
• And last but not least, stand up straight and train your posture a couple of months before the big day.

Sanyukta Shrestha will be showing her designs on her stand M113 and on the Brides Circus catwalk.