We HEART Wine!

September 18, 2017, by: Laura Eddy

Oh, you do too? Then head straight to The Sommeliers’ Table in association with Corney & Barrow

We’re lucky to be partnering with wine connoisseurs Corney & Barrow (corneyandbarrow.com) who will be running free tasting workshops throughout the entire show at our super-popular Sommeliers’ Table.Want to know the difference between Prosecco and English Sparkling? Or what makes Champagne, Champagne? (and drink it all, too, obvs. Corney & Barrow will have their in-house experts on hand to talk you through it. Or you could try a ‘Why choose house wines?’ workshop, find out why the aging process matters or take an English masterclass showcasing some of the finest British wines on the market. Or maybe you’re just not sure which red and white wine to choose and how much to spend… we’ve got that covered, too. So if you’ve not yet chosen your big-day booze (or simply fancy learning a little more about our favourite subject), this is the place to be. See below for the full tasting timetable:

  Friday 29th September  
 6:00pm Champagne vs. Sparkling wine
 7:00pm Champagne vs. Sparkling wine
 8:00pm Champagne vs. Sparkling wine





  Saturday 30th October  
 11:45am Champagne vs. Sparkling wine
 1:30pm An English masterclass
 2:45pm All about House wines
 3:00pm Does age matter?
 4:30pm Expensive vs. Affordable






  Sunday 1st October  
 11:45pm An English masterclass
 1:30pm Champagne vs. Sparkling wine
 2:45pm All about House wines
 3:00pm Expensive vs. Affordable
 4:30pm Does age matter?