The Importance of Saying ‘I Do’ Before Your Big Day

by: Bruce Russell –

The existence of ‘wedmin’ is nothing new and often starts from the minute the marriage proposal has been a ccepted. At almost every stage of the wedding planning process, there are key decisions to be taken – some bigger than others. First and foremost, there’s a question of setting the date and choosing the venue, but then there’s everything from drawing up a guest list and designing stationery, to picking out the perfect dress, finalising flowers, entertainment and a whole host of other items to be determined.

And even with the support of a wedding planner, who is on hand to make recommendations, counsel and guide, ultimately all decisions should – and do – rest with the couple themselves.

So far so good. But there are some key points to take on board here. Whilst nobody likes to feel that their hand is being forced, it’s important to take each decision in a logical sequence and – perhaps most important of all – to stick to them. Distractions abound when you’re planning a wedding, with friends and family rarely reticent when it comes to sharing their thoughts about key components to the dream day. Meanwhile social media continues to bombard us with fresh inspiration – particularly the more visual led platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

Credit: John Nassari

More often than not, this input is helpful (though not always in my experience) and is particularly useful during the early stages, especially for those couples seeking initial inspiration. But fast-forward to further along the planning process and these suggestions can become obstacles that actually hinder couples in pursuit of their dream day. 

With a wedding essentially a ‘jigsaw’ of different elements that need to come together to create the perfect ‘picture’, the various components are of paramount importance. An experienced planner will be able to seamlessly accommodate the occasional last-minute change – and is always prepared with contingencies accordingly – but the ramifications of any amendment can be comprehensive.

Take for example, a late-in-the-day change of heart about colour schemes. The impact of this will be felt in the décor of the venue, tablescaping, the dress of the bridal party, flowers and myriad other areas. None of these will be particularly straightforward to reconcile and the stress of having to change so many aspects at the eleventh hour could well outweigh the perceived benefits. Not to mention the many negatives associated with delaying any aspect of the wedding planning process when it comes to finalising details.

So for any couples in this position, consider this: just like marriage, planning a wedding is a game of give and take. Take time at the start to really consider if your plan for your Big Day is ‘the one’ and once you’ve decided that it is, commit to it and try to avoid any doubting voices. The chances are, just like your spouse-to-be, it’ll be a keeper.

Above image credit: Sergio Sarnicola
Cover image credit: Jez Dickson