The Importance of Being Human

by: Richard Murgatroyd

Weddings are all about human relationships and choosing the perfect group of people to surround yourself with is often why narrowing down a guest list can be such a difficult task. I guarantee that what you remember most from your wedding is the love and warmth from your new husband or wife, from your family and from your friends but there are a second group of people that can have an equally important influence over your wedding day: your suppliers.

In the age of search engines, wedding blogs, websites, social media and email it has never been easier to assess, communicate with, and book suppliers without ever meeting them in person.  But the personalities of the people you book: the photographers, videographers, venue staff, and even dressmakers and florists, they all have the ability to make or break your wedding experience.

Here I explore three great reasons why speaking to, and developing a rapport with your wedding suppliers is just as important as the products they deliver, and why wedding fairs are a great way of helping you select the best team to help you in the build-up to and on your wedding day.

Helping you be the best version of you:

As a wedding photographer I spend a lot of time with my clients – from the excitement of the booking phase; to helping them with their hopes and dreams for the day; putting them at ease on a pre-wedding shoot, the 10 hours or more I spend with them on their special day, and then in the glow of the post-wedding wrap. I’m there during the happy tears, the laughter, heartfelt speeches and the let-your-hair-down party afterwards. I have the best view in the house during the ceremony and have an intimate back-stage pass during the preparations, during which I might be one third of the people in the room. As a result I’m incredibly mindful of my presence and the privileged role I can play in ensuring a happy bride and groom.

Brides and Grooms book me not just because they love my photography, but because they get on well with me as a person. I let them be themselves, am there when they need me, and disappear into the background when they don’t…and ultimately I aim to bring out the very best in them when in front of the camera. For me this is half of the skill of a great photographer or videographer but it applies equally to a venue, stylist, dress maker or florist: when choosing your team of highly-skilled professionals do they make you feel like your wedding is special to them?

Making use of their experience and contacts

You can get so much more out of your suppliers by picking up the phone or chatting over a coffee rather than the stop-start delay of emails and text messages For most couples this will be your first foray into the wonderful world that is the wedding industry. However your suppliers will have been a part of a lot of different weddings and should be able offer different perspectives and options that can help your firm up your own decisions or suggest other suppliers that you might get on with.

Let them work better for you

One of the best things about my job is getting to know my couples – their story, why they booked a venue, and their hopes and dreams for the future.  Not only are you building a rapport with me, I am with you too. I’ve lost count of the number of clients that become friends and I find not only do I photograph you and your wedding in a more informed way, I end up wanting to work even harder for you to make your day special.

Why weddings fairs are awesome!

So what is better than speaking to a supplier face-to-face? Well the answer is to speak to lots of them. Within just a few hours at Brides the Show you will have the opportunity to speak to and compare some of the finest suppliers in the wedding industry, and find out not only whose work you prefer, but who will be the best personal fit for you.

Richard Murgatroyd is a London-based UK and Destination Wedding Photographer creating beautiful and evocative images that capture the unique nature of your wedding day. He is exhibiting at Brides the Show this coming October on stand M158.

You can find out more about his unique approach to story-telling photography at or on Facebook here