Should we expect gifts from all guests?

by: Bride and Groom Direct

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The confetti has been thrown, your beautiful dress is back on its hanger and the day you have been dreaming of (apart from your actual wedding day of course!) ever since you published that guest list is upon you. We know you are eyeing the suspiciously salt and pepper pot shaped gift and you're about to rip open every last gift, from every last guest at your wedding, right? Hold up, wait a minute. Are you sure every guest is buying you a gift? Although for many of your guests, the thought of picking out your first iron will be an exciting prospect, it’s important that we acknowledge now that not every guest is obliged to buy you anything. Sorry Bridey, not everyone can afford it!

Should we make gift requests on invites? i.e. Gift registries/online wish lists

Oh, Weddings. Just like every other special occasion, they have their own unique abundance of specific etiquette and tradition. It is often wise to adhere to traditional wedding etiquette in order to avoid many a wedding faux pas, yet contemporary weddings are often a mix of tradition and your own unique rituals. When considering your gift list we believe you should approach it in whatever way makes you feel most comfortable.

Regardless of what wedding etiquette dictates, these are your loved ones, family and friends. So if you have a link to a registry, why not pop it onto a notecard inside your wedding invitation (make sure it is just as snazzy and matching!). Or if you’re like me and you want a booster towards the honeymoon fund (yes, the cold hard cash is sometimes much more useful!) then detail your distinctive request on the card with a cheeky smile for good measure. Your guest list is made up of your loved ones and they want to get you something that is meaningful and which will provide you, the new bride and groom, with special memories, not something that will lie idle in the pantry for the next 10 years!

Should we send thank you cards?

Come on, Ladies and Gents! Surely our Mum’s brought us up better than to take gifts and not say thank you? Your thank you cards should also be handwritten to show that you have taken the time and effort, just as each of your guests will have endeavoured their time to choose the perfect gift for you.

(For guests) :

How much should I spend on a wedding gift?

“Oh my goodness Gerry bought them the… and Sophie bought them the... How can I possibly afford…”

Sound familiar? Yep! This was me as I planned for a friend’s wedding, precariously browsing the gift list on my laptop screen, with my bankcard nervously twitching away in my purse.

So how much should you spend? If you are attending a close friends or relatives Wedding, then the general rule would be anywhere from £60 to £100. For relationships which are more distant then a more appropriate price bracket would be £30 to £60.

Although you shouldn’t necessarily need to feel obliged to buy anything; remember, just like speeches that go on and on, feeling bad about not buying a gift can ruin the vibe of the wedding for much longer than the actual day itself. So if you can’t afford a gift, just relax and let your presence be a gift to the happy couple.

I don’t know the bride/groom very well, what sort of gift should I go for?

Oh, details, details! You have bought the dress, booked the swanky hotel and now you’re struggling with a gift. In this situation my advice would be to approach the maid of honour/best man. They are bound to have a mountain of ideas that will help you tackle this little problem and I’m sure the Bride or Groom will appreciate you taking the time to find something special, rather than running out for the Wilkinson flash sale.

My friends are having a destination wedding abroad – should I still get a gift?

Oooo, so you’re in the lucky number invited to a sand and surf destination wedding, yay! You have booked the flights, hotel, car rental and you’re checking the details twice (no seriously, really do it check it twice!). Now what do you buy the Bride & Groom? Well, in traditional wedding etiquette the happy couple should tell you not to bother! After all the expense of attending a destination wedding will make your presence the present, right? If you are still unsure, why not approach the Bride & Groom themselves?

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