No One Fills a Room Quite Like Greathire

September 29, 2017, by: Laura Eddy

Nothing creates energy in a room quite like the furniture you fill it with, and no one fills a room quite like Greathire.

Greathire offers an incredible array of beautiful pieces from their never-ending haul to suit every occasion, style and venue.

Whether by travelling around the world or staying tuned into leading furniture, art and fashion channels, founder Aundrea Insinna and her team are always keeping their fingers on the pulse of the design world. Seeking inspiration for their ever-growing lines of furniture, Greathire incorporates these exciting trends and translates them into something truly special – pieces that are both show-stopping in style and practical in function.

Tables, chairs, candelabras, settees, decorative accessories, embellishments and everything else in between, Greathire is constantly innovating and refreshing their collection, establishing a perfect blend of classic favourites and contemporary, fun furnishings. Their extraordinary care and attention to detail is second to none – as is their sense of imagination and fun!

Whether it’s for a glamorous city party, a lavish photo shoot or a star-studded movie set, Greathire has fabulous furniture for every possible occasion.