I won a Charlie Brear Dress at Brides The Show!

by: Interview with real bride Rosie Fayle

How did you find out about Brides The Show?
I read about the show in Brides magazine!

Did you plan on finding bridal suppliers there or just a nice day out?
It was right at the beginning of my wedding planning apart from looking at a few magazines and Pinterest so I was just going to get a feel for it all!

Who did you bring? 
I went along with my sister who is also one of my bridesmaids, we went on the Saturday afternoon

Did you see the catwalk?
We kept missing the show -  but I looked at photos after and it looked beautiful!

Anything you felt missing at the show?
I don't think so...

How did you feel when you won the dress?
I was in complete shock! I couldn't believe it - I still can't now!! I felt so lucky and happy - especially as it was from Charlie Brear as the stand had really stood out to me at the show and all the dresses were so beautiful!

How did you like you consultation at Charlie Brear?
I loved it! I wish i could relive the day again and again!

Any bridal tips that you would share?
I've still got a couple of months to go but I'm trying to keep it stress free and not leave it all to the last minute. Also I think it's quite good to be decisive and just do whatever you want!