How to select the best wine for your wedding: Top 5 tips

August 25, 2017, by: Corney & Barrow

1)      Consider your guests

Not everyone has the same taste. Choose a mix of ‘classical styles’ (think leaner, more savoury structures like Chenin Blanc), and some bigger sweetly fruited wine like Malbec or NZ Sauvignon Blanc to appeal to all demographics.

2)      Think through the time of year

Save big heavy wines for winter weddings, and lighter styles for the height of summer. Aim for seasonal, just as you would when choosing the food!

3)      Don’t spend too much

There are so many outstanding wines at the cheaper end of the price spectrum, including the wonderful ‘house’ option. Go for own labels that offer top quality and real value for money.

4)      People will drink what they want, when they want

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that your guests will only drink wine with the matching food pairing. Choose wines that match your food and are easy drinking enough to taste great without.

5)      Screwcap v. Cork

Just something to consider. The quick ‘n’ easy screw cap may have many merits over pulling dozen of corks. And they make an easy way for guests to transport home any leftovers at the end of the night!


Corney & Barrow