How to have a wedding that reflects you

by: London Bride

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the start of your engagement (or even midway through!) with where to start with the planning let alone with choices on details, food or music then here are a few top tips that I give to my couples for them to consider so that you can narrow down what is important to you to ensure the day is a true reflection of you as a couple and enables you to prioritise what you really want from your special day.

Write a list together (that’s the important bit, it’s about both of you!) of what you both love. Don’t just think about colours or fashion, think broader than this, look around your home or at what you enjoy doing together such as bike rides, a nice glass of red wine, Christmas, Mexican food, 80s music or even a favourite film or artist. This list will really help define your wedding day style and as you continue with the planning you can refer to this list when you feel overwhelmed with choices to focus you on what you really love. It also helps when you decide on where you should prioritise your budget, if music comes out top then you know you’ll want to put a good percentage aside for a band, DJ or musician for the ceremony.

Then think about the overall feeling of the day and during each stage of the wedding, what you envisage. Such as the getting ready, the ceremony, the drinks reception, the dinner and of course the party. You’ll soon start to make choices based on your initial thoughts of what you imagine and hope to have and it’s good to almost do a ‘walk-through’ in your mind of how you want to also want to feel during the day at these stages along with perhaps which people you’d like to be there and what you hope the atmosphere will be like. You’ll soon realise for example if you want something intimate, glamorous or just a really good party!

Sometimes when we’re given too many choices it can be overwhelming and it becomes hard to narrow down what you really like (Pinterest and us bloggers have a lot to blame for, sorry!). Instead, try making a list of what you definitely wouldn’t want or like - it could be something important such as you know you can’t do all the planning by yourself, or that you don’t want a traditional ceremony or even that you don’t like the colour yellow but at least this will narrow down your choices again and allow you to move forward in the right direction. I find it’s always much easier to be clear on what you don’t like than what you do! Keep this in mind when chatting to your suppliers throughout the planning process too, it’s a great tool to guide them in the right direction.

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By: London Bride