How to add personality to your 2014 wedding

by: The English Wedding Blog

There are so many ways to personalise a wedding, but with all the wedding ideas in the press nowadays it’s tricky knowing where to begin! Take a deep breath and remember your wedding is a very personal celebration with the people you know and love best in the world. So it should be about you. Think of your life together and the things you love – and create your wedding theme around yourselves. Your big day will ooze with personality! Here are some tips to help you:

Decide on a style rather than a colour theme
Choosing a colour theme can be restrictive, so don’t start with colours! Think about the atmosphere and general style of the day. Big trends for 2014 are homespun (handcrafted) weddings, boho and festival vibes, outdoor and rustic weddings or country garden styles. Which reflects the two of you best? When you’ve chosen your wedding style you can go for mismatched colours: pastel, bright, monochrome or neutral instead.

- Homespun: add a DIY backdrop, handwritten menus and monogrammed stationery, wildflower table decorations and home made lemonade bar

- Rustic: naked cakes are huge for 2014! Plus get crafty with hessian and personalised stamps, make jam or chutney favours, use log slices for a cake stand and moss in your flower displays

Share your story in pictures
Your guests will enjoy finding out more about you both – how you met, adventures you’ve shared and stories from the time you’ve been together. You can incorporate your story into your wedding in all kinds of ways: from naming tables after places you’ve been (with a story on the back of table cards) to personalised place settings for all of your guests. Why not include them in your story? For each guest, write a personal note or memory of a shared experience on the back of a photograph or vintage postcard. You could use these as escort cards or simple place settings.

- collect vintage postcards from places you’ve been together
- frame little photos of you and your guests as combined favours / escort cards (and write a little note on tags to go with each one!)
- for an alternative guest book use a map and highlight all the places you’ve been. Guests can write messages on the back for you

Make sure your venue ‘fits’ your personalities
If you’re set on a festival wedding because you’re music-loving hippies, don’t hire a marquee in the gardens of a stately home – consider a tepee in a field instead! For homespun weddings, choose a relaxed venue: a barn with a civil licence, maybe. Or if you’re glamorous party people, go all out and hire a stately home or castle. And think differently! I’ve known couples who live near an old art deco cinema ask about weddings, and the venue hadn’t even considered them before… but they make the most amazing setting for creative weddings. The important thing is that the two of you and your guests feel relaxed and at home, wherever your reception is held.

- have a proper chat with venue staff – will they give you the freedom you need to feel at home?
- imagine your wedding photos at the venue – will you fit in as lord & lady of the manor for the day?
- is there plenty of scope to personalise your day? There are some great purpose built venues around, designed as blank canvases for weddings!
- boho brides and grooms can embrace the outdoors and marry outside: investigate venues near you with outdoor facilities!



Handcrafted is in!
DIY is a huge trend for 2014 weddings and a brilliant way to personalise your day. If you’re a crafty couple then do embrace the trend with your accessories, stationery, venue décor and cake. Lots of places offer classes in silversmithing, calligraphy, cake design and papercrafts. Choose your niche and go play! It’s a great way to personalise your day – to be able to say “I made this!” But a word of caution: if you’re not naturally gifted then avoid DIY and head for Etsy instead. There are all kinds of craftsmen and women who will create personalised items for your wedding – you only need to discover them, and don’t be afraid to ask for personalised and bespoke items!

- Grow your own: imagine flowers from your parents’ gardens on your wedding tables
- Use monograms – there are some great Etsy sellers who’ll design a personalised stamp for you
- Be your own calligrapher! Buy a quirky calligraphy starter kit and get writing!

Include friends and family
We all have a talented baker, artist or gardener in our circle of friends and family. Part of the excitement of weddings is getting everything ready for the big day, and sharing this with friends and family can be really special. Personal touches from auntie’s naked cake and your brother’s designer invites to Dad’s DIY photo booth and Mum’s wobbly bunting can really help to personalise your day. Get involved, ask for volunteers and do your wedding DIY together. You’ll make memories to treasure forever!

- Consider what people are good at before you ask! Who can sew, bake, use computers or power tools best?
- Get involved – the two of you can lend a hand with every project to make it more personal and enjoy spending time with your loved ones
- Don’t ask friends or family to do your photography: being a wedding photographer is a million times harder than it looks!

Focus on being yourselves and enjoying the day
Whatever your wedding style and theme, however you decorate and wherever you’re married, remember the day is all about you. Don’t overwhelm yourselves with too much pre-wedding planning or DIY. Work together as a team and make sure when it comes to the big day it’s all about you and your loved ones. When everything surrounding you is just right – not overdone, not over budget! – you’ll be ready to relax and enjoy a day which is just made for you.

By: English Wedding Blog


Rustic outdoor wedding table photo Karen Flower Photography
Naked fruit cake photo also Karen Flower Photography
Vintage outdoor wedding table with china from Mrs Terrence. Image credits Fiona Campbell London  and Kat Forsyth Photography via the English Wedding Blog
Alternative bouquet by Ivy Pip and Rose. Image credits Fiona Campbell London  and Kat Forsyth Photography  via the English Wedding Blog
Boho bride image credit Fiona Campbell London and Kat Forsyth Photography
Handwritten personalised chair signs by Calligraphy for Weddings  with image credit Karen Flower Photography  via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings blog