Gustav Fouche Top 5 Bridal Tips

by: Michael Van Clarke

Gustavs Top 5 tips

1. Condition & Hydration is the most important.  You want your hair to be shiny and healthy. Drink plenty of water and do a treatment at least twice per week.

2. Have regular hair cuts/trims regardless of if you are trying to grow your hair. The ends needs to be healthy as it defines the hair, Split ends or dry end are never good.

3. Don't over colour your hair. A bit of colour goes a long way. It can give you definition and movement.  But don't over colour or go to blocky as it will have less shine and look cheap

4. Shampoo & lightly condition the hair the night before your big day and let it dry natural.  It allows the hair to settle and not be too soft.

5. 2016 is all about plaits and hair down with movement, incorporating different things in the hair will give you different looks. Your hair need to look natural not over styled or stiff.