Get the ultimate bridal bod with Eat, Move, Live, Better!

by: Ben Simpkins, Eat, Move, Live Better

Eat Move Live Better, EMLB, is a bridal specialist personal training company. We work with brides-to-be to understand their fitness goals and timeframes, plan an achievable training and diet programme and motivate them to keep going, so they’re feeling happy, confident and beautiful on their big day!

EMLB was set up primarily due to its DNA testing for health and fitness, but as friends and family kept coming to us for advice on getting into wedding shape, we realised that there was no specific (or sensible) help or support for brides. Time and time again we were seeing the same old crash diet “tips” and extreme regimes that do nothing but ensure the weeks leading up to the wedding are spent battling hunger pangs and headaches, alongside the seating plan and caterers.

So, what is it that makes us different?

We work towards helping you reach the shape you want, in the right way for you, by focusing on:

Ensuring your whole body is toned and strengthened……whilst helping you work on your target areas, depending on the fit and style of your dress
Balance training – handy if you’re worried about walking a straight line down the aisle in your heels
Posture – poor back strength can lead to a slumped figure, so we work on strengthening your core
Stress release – some brides love the wedding planning process, while others find the details and organisation suck the joy out of everything. Why not take it out on us with some kick boxing?
Making it FUN! Your wedding, your exercise plan and life in general should bring you enjoyment, and we want to help you fall as much in love with your body as you are with your partner!

Over the next ten weeks, we’re training two amazing women from the Brides the Show team, Rosie and Miranda, so you can see you don’t need to start changing your lifestyle a year in advance to see results by the big day.

Plus, get to know the new kids on the bridal scene, as the EMLB team will be doing all we can to provide new workouts, recipes and motivational tips – so keep an eye out for our next blog and updates on our social channels!