Bobbi Brown Pro Amy Conway Shares her Top Bridal Tips

by: Amy Conway, Bobbi Brown Pro
Every woman wants to look her most beautiful on her wedding day, and beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin. Whether you want a radiant glow or a matte finish, it's important that the skin looks bright and healthy before makeup.

I recommend starting  skincare prep at least three months before the wedding. This gives you enough time to combat any areas you want to fix and leaves the skin fully hydrated for the big day.

Serums are the most advanced in your skincare routine. I love the Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement for ultimate radiance. Underneath makeup, it not only helps even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of pigmentation but it's also great for neutralising any sudden breakouts.

For finishing touches, use the Extra Illuminating Balm. It is like the veil of the skincare world. Its beautiful formula highlights the skin and provides pure radiance.

For any Bride, it’s important that her base looks flawless in natural daylight. Natural makeup doesn't mean no makeup, it means makeup that is so perfect for your skin that you can't see it on. Dark tones under the eye area can be enhanced in photography, so it is essential that the dark blue undertones are evened out with a corrector, then layered with a skin tone correct concealer. When it comes to foundation, I love Bobi’s Skin Foundation Stick formula. It's super buildable and perfect for high flash photography. Apply using a foundation brush, buffing lightly all over the skin for a sheer and even coverage. Then using a makeup sponge, go back into areas where we find the most redness, such as around the nose, cheeks and chin, pressing in the foundation to build up coverage.

A simple and effective way to create a classic look is to keep the eye shadow neutral with a stand out eyeliner. By adding emphasis to the lash line it draws all your attention to the eye rather than the eye makeup. Apply a Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner to the lash line using a fine eye liner brush for ultra precision.

Layer a lip colour over lip balm to create a soft hydrated finish. For a natural look opt for a shade that's 2 shades brighter than your natural lip tone.

On your wedding day it's important that you have enough colour in the cheeks to contrast with the white or ivory of your dress. If you’re normally quite shy of a blush use a light dusting of bronzer and apply a pale pink tone to the apple of the cheek for a pop of healthy colour.


Amy Conway, Bobbi Brown Pro

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