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Life is beautiful. And love is beautiful.

Nature and emotion are inextricably linked, and this is what inspires my wedding photography. I want to strip back the excess, and highlight simple moments of serendipity; a glance, a detail, a smile, a falling leaf. Our memories are snapshots of emotions and time, so photographing your wedding with that perspective means my images will move you and fill your senses with the memory of that special day each time you look at them. I am a story-teller, and I work quietly in the background, always watching and always in the right place when it matters.

We are all a product of our life experience, and I like to think that this is what gives us our unique eye. After studying fine art and photography back home in Ireland, I spent several years living in China, Canada and Malaysia, before putting my roots down in London, where I spent almost a decade editing pictures, styling shoots and art directing, before setting up my wedding photography business two years ago. For me, all of those experiences, alongside my love of music, art, design and fashion have enabled me to shape my own artistic vision which I bring to my wedding photography.

No two weddings are the same and it is important to me to approach every wedding as I would want someone to approach my own. I want to get to know you as a couple, and make that connection with you that allows me to truly understand what fills you with joy. It is impossible to under-estimate how much good photography matters on your wedding day and quite often, couples can learn this too late. As your photographer, there is nothing more important to me that delivering images of your day that make your heart skip a beat and bring tears of joy to your eyes. Every couple that I have worked with have loved their images and have had this emotional response and I take great pride in that as an artist, as that is what ultimately matters.

I would love to hear about your wedding plans so please take a look at my work and drop me a line. Let’s chat about your plans and what makes you unique.