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At Ohsomm, we set out with a simple idea – to turn the wine world on its cork and start selecting wine in a totally new way. No snobs, no jargon, no guesswork. Why? Because wine is about more than just grape varieties, vintages, and complex descriptions and tasting notes; it’s about you. It’s about the person drinking it, the people it’s shared with, and the moments and moods at the heart of the enjoyment.

SOMM-ONE TO GUIDE YOU Our sommeliers are awesome. Actually they’re Ohsomm. They aren’t just experts on wine, they’re out in the world living life to the full. Pursuing passions and pet projects and looking for experiences that go beyond the everyday. They’re perfectly placed to discover, source and recommend the best of the best-in-class bottles from all over the world. Trust them and they’ll put an end to your “safe-bets”, your “go-to’s” and your “bog-standards”. They’ll introduce you to wines that will open your palate and your mind. Why not tell them what moment or mood you fancy drinking to and let our Somms lead the way?

You choose the Moment
Whether you’re hosting dinner, visiting friends, celebrating a big occasion, or staying in with a film; we have the wine to pair with the occasion and turn it into something memorable.

We'll plan your wine
We scour vineyards and cellars across the world to source wines that will surprise, excite, lift, and comfort you.

Make it your own
We’ll also help you mark the moment with a variety of labels that allow you to bespoke your bottles before you buy, creating personal wines that you’ll want to share again and again.

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Tel: 0203 176 9702
Email: customersupport@ohsomm.co.uk